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See some examples of how your logo can appear on some of our top favorite products. Logo can be either laser engraved or debossed. 


Diplomat Attache Case

leather diplomat laptop case

The quintessential carryall for your laptop, work documents, phone, writing instruments and more. Gift the item that helps protect and transport all needed tech gear. 


Leather Wine Log

leather logo wine log

Your passionate wine lover can keep an account of all their favorite tastes and flavors in top-grain leather.


Base Camp Mousepad

leather logo products

Inspire them at the office because working on a worthy pad makes all the difference!


Pilot Log

leather add logo company

Gift something special that takes off the moment they get it. This leather pilot log is sure to impress.  


Brag Book Photo Album

leather logo company customization

Sometimes, it's good to brag. This timeless leather photo album helps preserve life's most cherished moments. 


Writers Log

leather logo company customization

Gift a lasting notebook to provide a space to write down one's dreams, aspirations and more in authentic, top-grain leather.  


Soft Binder

leather logo customization

It feels good to stay organized and this 3-ring binder will help them achieve that.


Leather Cache iPad Sleeve

leather logo customization

 Protect one's favorite tech gear in soft Merino wool and authentic, natural leather.


Tablet Leather Dessert Menu

leather logo customization

Presentation speaks volume. Impress them from the get-go.


Leather Travel Tag

leather logo customizationPersonalize and identify your travel gear with ease with our leather travel tag.


Would you like to see what your company logo looks like on one of our products? Once you place an order, our design team will create and send you a virtual proof.

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