Rustico in action : donovan anderson

Everyone has a different use for their Rustico items and each story is unique. We asked some customers if they would tell us how the Rustico items they purchased help them leave their mark. Donovan shared his experiences using his Writer's Log Small Leather Notebook and where he's taken it.  


Backpacking with the Scouts

"I found Rustico while searching for leather journals. I purchased this journal for myself to document my journeys and adventures while serving as the Scoutmaster for my son's Boy Scout Troop. I was specifically looking for a certain size and lots of pages. This journal met my needs. It is still a work in progress as I am getting caught up starting with outings from 2010. I am currently up through documenting my adventures mid-way through 2016 and hope to be up to date in a couple of weeks. Then the journal will travel with me on backpacking trips in the local Southern California Mountains and the Eastern Sierras. I'm looking forward to having enough adventures to fill the journal and hopefully get started on a second one!


On another note - my daughter loves to journal and once she decides on which journal to buy, we will be purchasing another one for her shortly. This way when she heads off to college next year she will have somewhere to document her adventures and college journey."



We'd like to thank Donovan for sharing some of his thoughts on what he loves about his Rustico notebook. You can get the same great notebook he purchased or shop our entire collection of leather journals and notebooks