Getting started with rustico

New to Rustico and not sure where to start? That’s ok, we've made it easy. Let us start out by saying – welcome! We’re a team of Artisans dedicated to handcrafting timeless leather products built to inspire you to step outside and leave your mark.  

Since the creation of our first journal in 1998, our collections have grown significantly beyond handsewn books and journals. We now make several designs ranging from leather accessories for travel and the home and office.

Additionally, we do things a little differently here at Rustico. Rather than picking leathers that are perfectly polished and highly-treated, we use top-grain leather to give the products a timeless and distinguished look.

Take a look at our top 10 recommended items for starting out: 

1. Composition Cover with Buckle - Great for the executive team or a group of loyal customers. This refillable item’s inserts can be purchased through us or any local store. This notepad offers plenty of room for detailed note taking and storing loose papers.

leather binder composition cover
2. Composition Cover Machine Sewn - A classic for anyone, in any gifting situation. It covers a common composition insert (it comes with a Rustico one) and boasts a nice classic design.
3. Expedition Notebook - A minimalistic and budget-friendly option that everyone loves. The insert is a dot grid design and once you use it, you’ll be hooked.

leather refillable notebook
4. Refillable Writers Log - For years our Writers Log was a best seller, we made it refillable and now we love it even more.
5. Parley - The Parley is one of the original Rustico pieces and is an easy favorite. A non-refillable item that is sure to impress, and last for generations.
6. Soft Binder - We have seen this item be used as a real-estate lookbook, fabric swatch holder and office essential. A great item that fits up to 250 pages and provides plenty of space to hold what’s important.
7. Business Folio - Another item that wears many hats. Some examples have been, menu cover, boardroom presentations, business proposals, and many more. It’s a great size with minimal page space and built to be minimal to get the important stuff to your customer.
8. Large Pad Portfolio - A show stopper. This is a great item when gifting to executives and that person that has everything. It’s a beautiful, functional design that is meant to be used daily. 

leather binder portfolio padfolio
9. Sidekick Cord Wrap - Perfect for the avid traveler and tech nerd. This has been an extremely popular item in the corporate space since it is so versatile.
10. Switchback - A classic go-to notebook that is easily refillable. A great size that fits in any bag, briefcase, or backpack makes it a staple in the gifting industry.

      Curious which colors perform the best? Call in to speak to one of our Brand Specialists at 866-426-4957 or email and we’ll help you leave your mark.

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