8 premium onboarding gifts to welcome your new hires

What do you do for your new hires to let them know you're happy to have them there? Onboarding gifts are the perfect way to welcome new employees and create a positive workplace experience!

There are so many types of gifts you can give, but we suggest something thoughtful, unique, and useful. Here are 8 products that check all those boxes.


One of the most useful items a new employee can receive is a notebook. With all there is to learn, they’ll be taking lots of notes. Equip them with a quality, refillable notebook they can use day one and all the following days.

Our recommendations:

#1: Bullet Journaling Notebook

#2: Expedition Notebook

#3: Switchback Notebook Medium

#4: Switchback Notebook Small

#5: Large Composition Cover


Combining the best features of a notebook and a folder into one, a portfolio provides room to take notes and room to store important papers, business cards, and a pen.

Our recommendation:

#6: Large Pad Portfolio


You’re likely providing your new hire with a laptop that they’ll transport from office to home and a case is how to keep that expensive piece of tech in great shape. With a few size options, you can find a case to fit a wide range of laptops or even tablets.

Our recommendation:

#7: Oxford Tech Sleeve


A water bottle is a classic onboarding gift but it doesn’t have to feel overdone, especially when you choose one that’s unique.

Our recommendation:

#8: Phoenix Copper Water Bottle



Make a powerful first impression with any of these gifts! Browse our collection to see more products that go nicely in a welcome kit for new employees.