Rustico in action : ray schulte

We love to hear how customers use our products to live authentically and with purpose. Recently we reached out to some customers that left some exceptional reviews to see how their Rustico items continue to help them leave their mark. Read about how Ray discovered Rustico and what his leather items mean to him. 



Flying high with Ray

"I was researching made-in-America leather gifts for my older son's graduation several years back. In a Google search, I came upon your site. After reviewing half a dozen sites I chose you for a journal to give my son. I ended up purchasing a Writer's Log Large.



I opened the package after it had arrived and was pleased with the weight of material and the craftsmanship. I ordered another couple of item for my son to round out the gifts I presented him. This past Christmas I was pondering gifts for my children, all in their early 20's. Rustico came to mind and I ordered another round of your wares. This Spring, my youngest son Erik, graduated college as a Mechanical Engineer. I purchased one of your large bags, a journal, a pen set, and the leather roll used to store computer peripherals. All were of exceptional quality and a bargain at the prices you've been charging.

I journal nearly every day in my Rustico leather journal. I love the feel and smell of it. It inspires me to write (in cursive that no Millennial will be able to decipher) and I thoroughly enjoy it."


We appreciate Ray taking a couple of minutes to write more about the Writer’s Log Large Leather Notebook that he recently ordered and what's he's doing with it now.



We can't wait to share more experiences from our customers who love their Rustico items. This item is particularly great for giving to employees for a job well done.