• Rustico in action : alicia farber

    Rustico in Action : Alicia Farber
    An important element in crafting the right notebook comes from the artisan’s touch during the handmade process. We’re always delighted to hear from fans that appreciate this authentic way we craft our products. We regularly hear from customers that are satisfied with their purchase. We heard from Alica and wanted to share what she loves about her Wasatch Notebook.   “I discovered Rustico through Google....
  • True to yourself

    True to Yourself
    Qualities of durability and timelessness are all but forgotten in our ever-changing society; replaced by an increased emphasis on convenience and instant access. However, at Rustico, we hold these authentic qualities above all others.   What does it mean to be Authentic? When it comes to art, authenticity relates to a faithful representation of an artist’s genuine self. Here at Rustico, it’s a sign...
  • 5 great rustico items employees will love

    5 Great Rustico Items Employees Will Love
    Holiday gifting doesn’t have to be hard, but should still be well thought out. Don’t let the effort put in by those working late hours and reaching their goals go unnoticed. Make this holiday season a special one by presenting them with unique gifts that are made by our expert artisans and built to last. We’ll provide you with the first (and hardest) part of...
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