• What you need to know about setup fees & run charges

    What You Need To Know About Setup Fees & Run Charges
    A common question we get is whether to deboss or engrave a logo on one of our products. There are many scenarios when it comes to this additional step. We wanted to help by clarifying its technicalities. Here's a crash course on our Artwork Setup Fees and Run Charges here at Rustico.  What is the Artwork Setup Fee for?  For a $50.00 setup fee, we will custom...
  • Your guide to submitting artwork

    Your Guide to Submitting Artwork
    You’ve worked hard to build your brand and craft the quality and guarantee that stands behind it. That’s why new clients want to do business with you and existing customers keep coming back. It should come as no surprise why many companies decide to proudly trademark gear and merchandise with their company logo. Whether it be office supplies, onboarding materials, client gifting, or recognizing...
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