• What you need to know about setup fees & run charges

    What You Need To Know About Setup Fees & Run Charges
    A common question we get is whether to deboss or engrave a logo on one of our products. There are many scenarios when it comes to this additional step. We wanted to help by clarifying its technicalities. Here's a crash course on our Artwork Setup Fees and Run Charges here at Rustico.  What is the Artwork Setup Fee for?  For a $50.00 setup fee, we will custom...
  • The journal guide

    The Journal Guide
    The idea of intentional, mindful living is not about ditching your phone completely but rather acknowledging that technology has its place. It's about connecting to your emotions, enjoying the journey, and creating experiences not dependent on electronic devices. The perfect tool for this will be your personal journal. It’s a way to empower your thoughts in a way that no smartphone can. It's important...
  • Frequently asked questions

    Frequently Asked Questions
    If you’ve ever gotten stumped on a question, you’re not alone. It's happened to many others and most likely will happen again. That’s why we prepared this list of frequently asked questions you're most likely to encounter, take a look! What is Rustico? We're a team of Creators, Craftsman, and Artisans handcrafting high-quality leather products and more rustic gear here in our shop. Together, we skillfully craft timeless...
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