• Vegetable tanned natural leather

    Vegetable Tanned Natural Leather
    We are excited to introduce our newest leather color: natural vegetable-tanned. This leather coincides with one of our mantras here at Rustico, which is “leave your mark.” Natural leather starts out as a sort of blank slate on which a unique patina develops based on your individual use.   Natural, Age-Old Process Vegetable-tanned leather is created using natural tannins and plant-based extracts, such as...
  • The aging process of natural leather

    The Aging Process of Natural Leather
    We use hides sourced from American tanneries to make leather goods with a purpose. We remain true to our handmade passion and embrace all wanting to step outside while inviting a rustic and modern element in their homes, offices, and studios. If you’re like us and you love using natural leather products, then you fall in love with the weathered and worn look that...
  • Document your travels

    Document Your Travels
    “To travel is to live.” - Hans Christian Andersen How often do you feel you’re fully present in the moment? Do you make time to pause and immerse yourself in your surroundings? Traveling can be hectic, especially when there’s a plane to catch and schedule to keep. Live in the moment. Be there. Stop to feel the ground beneath your feet. Close your eyes....
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