The makers and artisans of rustico

The saying goes, when you make something by hand - you leave a part of yourself in it. They're right. In a world filled with products that are mass produced; timelessness and quality go a long way.

The craftsmanship behind each of our items is unmistakable. It's because these items require more attention to detail and offer a lasting quality. Meet some of the team responsible for this handmade magic.

Moroni and Maritza putting assembling Gift Sets

We're a strong family of Artisans from all corners of the globe. Our diverse staff represents countries from the Philippines, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, and the United States.

This striking model pictured at the very top in our waxed canvas apron is not just any work of art but our Planner/Production manager, Oscar from Peru. Directly above we have Maritza and Moroni, production staff, both from Mexico City assembling gift set boxes. Let's not forget loveable Lilo from the US. She's a natural in front of the lens and always melts our hearts with her presence. Just look at that face. 


Did you know, when you place an order, a typical Rustico product can be touched anywhere from 50-60 times from the second it's cut to the moment it leaves our doors!

As always, thank you for supporting handmade!