Your guide to submitting artwork

You’ve worked hard to build your brand and craft the quality and guarantee that stands behind it. That’s why new clients want to do business with you and existing customers keep coming back. It should come as no surprise why many companies decide to proudly trademark gear and merchandise with their company logo.

Whether it be office supplies, onboarding materials, client gifting, or recognizing top employees, whatever you choose to customize your mark of authenticity onto should match the caliber of your brand. At Rustico, we carefully handcraft each piece with skilled craftsmanship, top-grain leathers, and the best possible materials to build a timeless product. When something is made by hand, no two pieces are alike making it a one-of-a-kind work of art. By choosing Rustico, you are presenting a handmade product designed and built to inspire you to live intentionally and leave your mark in this world.

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When we say leave your mark, we mean it. You can take it one step further by adding your logo to these pieces to make them even more unique. Our Brand Specialist can help you decide if Laser Engrave or Deboss is best for your project. 

Laser engraving is the use of a high-speed, precision-tuned laser which uses heat to remove the outer layer of the leather product. Lasering is a faster process than deboss because we don’t have to produce a special die.  

For a clearer effect, upgrade your order to deboss, the act of pressing your logo onto our products with a metal plate. This process requires us to custom build a die of your logo and lengthens the fulfillment process but offers a crisp, clear press. For an even more memorable impression, opt to fill the deboss with any color for a $.50 per piece run charge.

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What kind of logos to submit

To begin the customization process, you’ll need to send over a file of your logo. You can accomplish this by emailing over your logo to or uploading it on your online order through our site. Despite the method you decide to submit it, for the best results we ask that you send it in a Vector File in the following formats:

  1. AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  2. PDF (Portable Document Format)
  3. EPS (Encapsulated Postscript)

EPS is our overall preferred file type, providing us will all the proper elements in a highly editable state. Regardless of which file format you send, please make sure to expand the appearance any text or strokes.

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What kind of logos are harder to work with?

When laser engraving on leather, there’s a binary option to either engrave (remove the top layer) or to not engrave (leave the top layer untouched). When a logo is sent to the laser it takes all the color variations and puts them into one of two categories: black or white. Any darker shade is labeled black and any lighter shade are labeled white. Black elements are then engraved and white elements are left untouched. If a multi-colored logo is sent in by a customer, there is a high probability the resulting engraving will turn out poorly. See an example of how a multi-colored logo results below. Lastly, files submitted in JPEG, PNG, are not ideal or preferred but if that’s all you have, we can work with you to create a vector version for an additional reworking fee.

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Put your best foot forward by choosing Rustico to leave a lasting impression. For the best, clear results to customize your logo onto our leathers, submit your logo in black and white EPS file format. Take a look through our full catalog for the perfect item. If you have any remaining questions, feel free to call 866-426-4957 or email us at Thanks for looking into Rustico to leave your mark.