To step outside and reach within, to explore and to create. 
To inspire all to live intentionally and leave their mark.

Leave your Mark Rustico

The Meaning Behind The Words

One characteristic of leather is that it only gets more attractive with time and use. Whereas some materials permanently stain or varnish in a negative way, leather takes on any marks beautifully. These marks only add to the patina and character of the leather.
When we say, "Leave Your Mark", we are meaning two things:
  1. We are inviting you to use your Rustico leather products and notice the beautiful marks they receive over time. We want your adventures to show on the leather we use as well as the pages in our journals. We invite you to make our products your own.
  2. We are inviting you to leave a positive mark on the world and people around you. At Rustico we are passionate about the fact that a single person can make a large positive impact on the world and we are passionate about making that a primary focus in our lives. We invite you to look outside yourself and make a difference.

Leave Your Mark


We want to see how you Leave Your Mark, whether that's how you use your Rustico leather products or how you impact the world around you. Tag us at @rusticomade and use the hashtag #leaveyourmark to show us what you've been up to and for a chance to be featured.

Thank you and keep exploring.



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